Crossblocks for tunnel formwork

For continuous wall and floor constructions, crossblocks are used. These allow a faster pouring to be made, the following wall to be installed more quickly and provide good strickling-off for the floor. The following standard variants are available:

  • Cross blocks for a partition wall.
  • T-blocks for an end wall or cavity wall.
  • Corner blocks for an uppermost end wall or cavity wall.
  • Top blocks for the uppermost partition for sealing caps.


Cross blocks and T-blocks are provided with slots to accommodate the reinforcement. The most common sizes are available from stock. Cross blocks can also be produced with openings for sockets, or with a chine anchor complete with wire end and plastic caps or pouring cone for the positioning of the following wall. Versions with a staggered upper wall and/or floor are also possible.

Standard dimensioning
A + C = Wall thickness min 2 mm.
B + D = Floor thickness min 2 mm.
C = Thickness approximately 55 mm.
D = Variable leg length.
E = Slot depth 40 mm.
F = Slot width approximately 20 mm.