MoPlus Center cone

The MoPlus® Center cone is a highly developed concrete centering cone made of construction concrete.

This makes the MoPlus® Center cone suitable for exposed concrete, as the MoPlus® Center cone is nearly invisible. The MoPlus® Center cone can also be produced with colored concrete. The concrete increases the quality of the cone, making the cone suitable for durable projects. The available working loads are 75kN and 90kN. These strengths are attainable only when the tie rod has the same or higher working load and is screwed in completely, and when the tie bar has not been spun. The size of the lost tie bar would be the wall size – 2 times the X size. A filling cone for the hole is also available.

MoPlus Center cone 75kN

Art. no. Description X* Wt. / pack. No./pack.
8.311.040075000 MoPlus Center cone 75kN 40mm 85 1,00 Kg 1
8.311.050075000 MoPlus Center cone 75kN 50mm 95 1,00 Kg 1
8.311.060075000 MoPlus Center cone 75kN 60mm 105 1,00 Kg 1
8.311.070075000 MoPlus Center cone 75kN 70mm 115 2,00 Kg 1

MoPlus Center cone 90kN

Art. no. Description X* Wt. / pack. No./pack.
8.3110.40090000 MoPlus Center cone 90kN 40mm 100 1,00 Kg 1
8.3110.50090000 MoPlus Center cone 90kN 50mm 110 1,00 Kg 1
8.3110.60090000 MoPlus Center cone 90kN 60mm 120 2,00 Kg 1
8.3110.70090000 MoPlus Center cone 90kN 70mm 130 2,00 Kg 1