MoNoClip® 16+ concrete spacer

The MoNoClip® 16+ concrete spacer is a patented innovation from Molenaar Betonindustrie B.V. The MoNoClip® is designed for Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC). As the SCC is poured, the MoNoClip® lifts up through its unique trumpet shape with a round point on the formwork side.
A thin layer of cement water can then flow under the MoNoClip® so that the MoNoClip® is completely covered. Your product now has a perfectly smooth surface containing high-quality spacers. This ensures that your product is made with the highest standards.


Place the spacers in a bucket of water before using. Wet spacers improve concrete bonding.


MoNoClip® 16+ concrete spacer for SCC

Art. no. A* B* Wt. / pack. No./pack.
1.23.025 25 50 23,00 Kg 432
1.23.030 30 50 23,00 Kg 396
1.23.035 35 50 23,00 Kg 396
1.23.040 40 50 22,00 Kg 252
1.23.050 50 50 20,00 Kg 180