Cement-bounded spacers


KOMO® productcertificate                                                                              K23195/03

Cement-bonded spacers
Construction concrete elements can be used as spacers in structural concrete elements or concrete structures for constructions
which can be in contact with rain, ground water and/or surface waters.
Technical specification
The cement-bonded spacers are manufactured on the production site concerned on the basis of the applicable regulations for
concrete and mortar and the composition requirements as stated in the evaluation guideline BRL 2817.
The water-cementfactor of concrete or mortar shall not exceed 0.45.
The compressive strength is at least 45 N/mm2.
The maximum water penetration into the cement-bonded spacers is determined according to EN 12390-8, as the average of the
maximum values of three test specimens and shall not exceed 25 mm. This is not applicable for spacers used in environmental
class X0 and XC1.
Specifications concerning environmental protection
The average composition values determined in conformity with AP 04-SB and the average emission determined in conformity with
AP04-U comply with respect to the intended application area with annex A of the Soil Quality Regulations.
Marks and indications on the delivery documents
The following marks and indications shall be inscribed on sound and clear manner on the product or packaging:
  • Manufacturer's name and / or trademark;
  • Date of manufacture or coding;
  • Type designation (including working height);
  • KOMO ® logo and certificate number, see figure below;
  • Environmental class;
  • Strength class.



The quality mark and the production date are attached to the product and/or the packaging and/or delivery documents.
On the delivery documents, it must be stated that the product meets the Soil Quality Decree (Besluit Bodemkwaliteit), or it must
be marked with the KOMO® brand.
At the receipt of the delivery inspect these for the following:
  • whether the delivery is consistent with the order;
  • whether the quality mark and the manner of marking are correct;
  • whether the products do not show any visible defects as a result of transport or handling.
If you reject products on the basis of these specifications, please contact:
  • Molenaar Betonindustrie B.V.
and if necessary:
  • Kiwa Nederland B.V.
Refer to the Product Data Sheet / overview of the certificate to authenticate the product.
For the proper storage, transportation and processing, consult the processing requirements of the certificate holder.
Hand over the evidence (delivery receipts / land certificate and certificate) to the client. This does not apply to delivery to
individuals other than in the course of a profession or business.
Keep the evidence (delivery documents, evidence of ground and this certificate) at least 5 years to be shown to authorities. This
does not apply with delivery to individual persons who are not practising their job or company.
If a European harmonized technical specification applies on a construction product, the statements in this KOMO product
certificate can not be used to replace the CE marking on the construction product and / or replace the relevant mandatory
declaration of performance.
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* For the correct version of the above-mentioned standards we refer to the last revision of BRL 2813.